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Planning our Trip

Planning Our Trip

My main contact at BFC was Anna Hosford, she pretty much held my hand through the whole planning process and literally held my hand during my IVF transfer! She is an angel! Upon scheduling my IVF (with ICSI) she provided me with all of the information about how to get my meds, when to take them and options for lodging during our stay. We also had a very informative consult with Dr. Skinner, who would be performing the actual transfer. BFC was extremely helpful in providing any additional information we needed via email. Being able to email back and forth throughout the process was so helpful and much easier than calling my local clinic and playing phone tag with a nurse. Although I realize BFC has a lot of patients, I truly felt like they knew the details of my fertility struggles inside and out and that they strived to meet my individual needs.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and the two week trip to the beach, IVF in Barbados is much cheaper than in the US. This was appealing to me because I was always realistic about the fact that we may not get pregnant on our first treatment, and treatment could start to get REALLY expensive. Here is the basic breakdown of what we spent and how we spent it:

Base cost of IVF:

“Our average charge for IVF is USD$5,750. Compare this to the average cost of treatment in the UK (£5,500) or the U.S.A. ($12,000 USD), and you can see why combined with our success rates, Barbados Fertility Center is a popular option.” – BFC website

Holistic Treatments

Another reason I chose BFC is because they offer holistic treatments like massage, acupuncture, and reiki, all proven to improve IVF success rates. It was very important to me to be able to have an acupuncture treatment on my transfer day. I was able to schedule a pre and post transfer acupuncture session. Dreams do come true ;).


I was given two options by BFC for ordering my meds online. If you decide to go this route it’s always good to get multiple quotes. This article on the AlwaysKatie blog has a lot of helpful info about saving money on IVF meds.


We flew from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale and then from Fort Lauderdale go to Barbados via Jet Blue and the total round trip fare ended up being around $900.00. We love Jet Blue..btw. We spent the night in Fort Lauderdale so the hotel was an extra expense, but it made the trip seem really short and easy. The flight from FLL to Barbados is approx. 3h 40 min.


There are a ton of beautiful places to stay in the area and BFC even offers help with lodging, but we decided to book our own accommodations for our first stay, at Palm Beach Condominiums. I loved our condo, it was enormous, clean, beautiful, and safe. I figured a condo was a good choice for a two week stay, rather than a hotel. That being said, if I was going to Barbados alone I would probably stay at one of the many all inclusive resorts available. Here is a link to the exact condo we stayed in.

Car Rental

We decided to rent a car. The rentals company was called “Coconuts” and they had a rep waiting for us at the airport upon arrival! Very convenient. Driving in Barbados is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done! I can see where if you decided to stay at an all inclusive you wouldn’t need a car, but we were in a condo and wanted to venture out, try restaurants, and see sights so I was glad we had a vehicle. Did I mention, the dining in Barbados is out of this world?!

A few things to remember about driving in Barbados;

1. if you are from the US, you will be driving on the opposite side of the road.
2. You will have to have get a Visitor’s Driving Permit. It’s only five bucks for 2 months and your rental car rep will hook you up with it.
3. The roads can be kind of rough, get all the insurance they offer!


I’m not gonna lie, we spent a lot of our budget on food. We ate several 3-4 course meals. Taking Prednisone as part of IVF treatment = a very hungry momma to be. We could have saved a ton by staying at an all inclusive, but I really wanted to explore the local cuisine and I’m so thankful that we were able to because Barbados has some of the most beautiful oceanfront restaurants I’ve ever experienced.