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Retrieval Day

*This post is a journal entry from the day of my retrieval,  originally written
on December 6, 2016

Today was retrieval day! The hub and I arrived at BFC at 8:30AM and we’re immediately greeting by one of the smiley

nurses. She escorted us to a small office, took our “sample”(aka the swimmers) and led me to a small cot where I would undress and go over the protocol for my medication after the procedure. Emma, the nurse helping us through the instructions and answering all of my questions, really put my mind at ease. Dr. Corona took me to the room where the procedure would be done, and it was only a few minutes before she had an IV in my arm and I was drifting off in to a sweet dream.  The last thing Iremember was a small disagreement with Dr. Corona about the dangers of home birth. I’m pretty sure she got the last word. I woke up way before the designated hour and a half that I was expected to sleep and when the nurse came in to check on me, I had managed to reach my phone on the table beside me and began texting my husband, family, and friends sending sleepy eyed selfies of me giving the thumbs up. I wasn’t really in pain, I know a lot of readers are hating me right now, but for the one person wondering if it is possible to feel almost completely normal after a retrieval, I’m living proof. The mild cramps I did have were nothing compared to my monthly menstrual cycle. I was discharged shortly after I woke up and spent a good part of the day sleeping, only because it was recommended that I rest. I think I could have gone about my day, otherwise. The best part is, Dr. Corona retrieved ten eggs! I will know sometime tomorrow how any were fertilized. I can’t hardly wait.

Here are a few things I did leading up to retrieval. Take what you want and leave the rest!

1. Walked at least 20 minutes a day on the treadmill, five days a week, for at least a month before retrieval.
2. Purchased and practiced the Circle and Bloom meditations religiously and will continue to do so until the end of this cycle.
3. Drank lots of gatorade instead of water for a week leading up to retrieval.
4. Had two massages in the two weeks leading up to retrieval.
5. Bathed in Epsom salts often.
6. Ate extra fiber for two weeks leading up to retrieval.
7. Took extra care of myself and did things to pamper myself and avoid stressful situations. I treated myself like I would treat someone I cared about if they were going through this life altering procedure.
…And I prayed without ceasing.

That’s all for tonight. I’m anxious about my eggs getting fertilized, but I’m gonna try my best to get some rest.