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We Have Arrived!

Our first trip to Barbados was in December of 2016. We arrived on December 1st to be exact, a couple of days after their 50th Anniversary of Independence celebration and the worst flood they’ve had in years. I was a bit concerned when we first got in the rental car, my husbands first time driving European style, on the opposite side of the road and in a torrential downpour. It sometimes felt like we were floating down backroads rather than driving. I must admit, the unknown adventure was scary, but mostly exciting. As we continued on the 30 minute drive to BFC my anxiety increased. Did this cute little pastel colored building full of kind people who were going to help me make a baby really exist? What if the whole thing is a scam? My husband is going to kill me! But as we approached, I saw it! It looked just like the pictures online. It was perfect! I was so relieved. We pulled in to the parking lot just to take snap a couple of photos in front of BFC and continued just a minute up the road to our beautiful condo at Palm Beach.

A little blurry!

The following day, we had our first appointment at BFC to check out how my follicles were developing. We were greeted with hugs and everyone knew our names. It was more like an episode of Cheers (sans the alcohol) than the cold impersonal Dr’s appointments we had experienced in the past. My follicles were developing perfectly and I don’t remember how many days went by, but the next major event would be my egg retrieval. We spent our free time exploring Barbados and eating at some of our now favorite restaurants (I’ll tell you about those later). Once I realized BFC was a real place and that this whole thing was actually happening, I really felt nothing but pure excitement and peace up to the point of my retrieval. It was after my retrieval that I began to get a little nervous and I started journaling. I will be sharing some of those entries with you in my next post. There is no way around it, IVF is an emotional roller coaster but for us it was a ride worth taking and looking back on it now I wouldn’t change a thing.