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The Road Leading to IVF

I tried getting pregnant “naturally” for around three years before becoming frustrated enough to seek out medical intervention. Once I settled on a Doctor at our local fertility clinic, the first step was to undergo a litany of tests, all of which led me to the disappointing diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’. For those of you who are familiar with fertility treatments, I did three unsuccessful IUI’S before deciding to start exploring my options for IVF. I hated going in for the IUI’S, not because the procedure was so awful, but because the fertility clinic I was visiting just treated me like a number. I didn’t feel like they cared at all that I was going through one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. When my doctor informed me that IVF was the next step, I knew I had to find a better place to receive treatment. The cost was just too high to gamble on a clinic with a low/average success rate. What was worse was the whole procedure too stressful to go through without a doctor and staff I really felt comfortable with. I felt I needed to explore all of my options before choosing a new clinic. This is where it started to get fun!

The Right Path

The infertility world was my oyster! There was no way around it… IVF was a huge financial and emotional investment and I was determined to find the very best option for our family. I looked at Mexico, New York, Colorado and pretty much anywhere Google could take me, when I landed upon this blog about IVF in Barbados. Barbados, sounds fancy huh?! Honestly, Barbados never even crossed my mind as somewhere I’d ever even thought of vacationing, nonetheless somewhere I would go to get pregnant! The thing is that once I started reading about it, I felt I was on to something. I emailed the Barbados Fertility Clinic and immediately received a warm response from a coordinator named Anna. She was able to give me all of the info I needed to make my decision and approach Rodney (my husband) with the big plan. I was nervous, but my gut feeling remained. It felt that I was on the right path.

I prefaced my proposal to Rod with, “I know this sounds crazy but…” and yes, he did think it sounded crazy, but he also trusted my instincts, for which I am so grateful. When it was all said and done, we were going to get an IVF treatment with ICSI, all of our meds, and a two week vacation in Barbados all for the cost of a basic IVF treatment in the states (with the meds not even included)… And so so our journey began! Though it has not been the easiest route, I thank God every day for guiding me down the winding road to Ryder’s birth and I look forward to sharing the rest of our story with you.